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Exchange of Electronic Money

Only with us you can easily exchange units from WebMoney electronic wallet and withdraw money in Georgia.
Get your money instantly at the cash desks, on bank accounts or a plastic card..

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Money Movers Cash Desk Program

Banks, MFOs, Exchange and Pawn companies – they all use different programs to serve their customers faster and with high quality and operators of the companies, have to work in various systems, to cover full range of services.

MoneyMovers Cash Desk Program is created for the companies, who have their own cash desks and are serving customers. With this program, they can do many operations like, Utility payments, mobile top up, currency exchange, top up or withdraw moey from e-Wallets, treansfer money to bank accounts, Identification of customers, put them to the black list or remove, send or receive money transfer, etc. Also see all operations and check statuses.


Money Movers Payment Acceptance System

This is the multifunctional payment acceptance system, which allows online shops to receive payments from several channels with just one integration. There are integrated about 170 payment methods in MMPAS allowing you to work in 4 currencies; It has a modern control panel; System’s construction can satisfy the most demanding requirements of any online shop. Register and get started!

United payment system MMPAS - Save your time, money and energy!

Gift Card

If you want to make a nice present for you friend, company Money Movers offers you 10, 20, 25, and 100 GEL Wallet One gift cards. The gift card owner can transfer money from card to his Wallet One electronic wallet and use it for various prescriptions. If desired, you can also withdraw this sum. You can buy the gift card at Money Movers head office and service-centers.

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