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MM Clearing System - this payment receiving system is a fresh startup of company Money Movers, which was based according to the current demand on international market. It includes modern software and hardware complex, which is operated by the professional staff of our team.

MMCS - at first glance, working procedure of the system is simple: System receives online payments from the agent network and forwards them to service providers. Therefore, it consolidates the traffic in one spot that is beneficial for both - service provider, as well as for agent. Integration comes to one spot, which means - No extra charges!

AGENT is one that owns payment-receiving points represented as a webpage, self-service terminals, payment-receiving service centers, etc.

Service Provider is a legal entity, which performs online marketing of a service or a product.

World of Tanks, Odnoklassniki, Group, Skype, Vivus, Netcredit, Yandex, WebMoney, Valve, iTunes, Georgian and foreign mobile operators and about 700 other providers

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Service provider list

Agents that are connected to MMCS cover a number of countries around the world, including: Turkey, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China, Azerbaijan, Armenia and so on.

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MMCS annually processes about 40-60 million transactions worth several hundreds of million USD.

Who needs MM Clearing System?

Companies (service providers)

Companies (service providers) that sell some products or services and have desire to organize payment receiving with large network. Therefore, they economize money and energy as by joining MMCS, they are connected to the large network of the payment system market and they are no longer obliged to make connections separately with every payment system on the market.
Natural and legal persons

Natural and legal persons who are willing to receive payments with own infrastructure for the benefit of several service providers. Joining MMCS gives opportunity to receive payments from more than 400 service providers with just one integration and get the highest fee for every payment currently available on the market.

Benefits of our system compared to other similar systems:

  • We are the largest aggregator in Georgia;
  • Representative of the world’s leading e-wallets;
  • Direct communication with the large service-providers;
  • Partnership with more than 700 service-providers;
  • Processing of 40-60 million transactions annually;
  • Large and progressing network of agents in and out of Georgia;
  • Partnership with about 80 companies of 11 different countries;
  • Top up options of more than 100 000 self-service terminals in Georgia and other countries;
  • We provide agents with the most flexible management tool through modern control panel;
  • Modern technical support and protection systems;
  • Fully automated workflow;
  • Daily and periodic comprehensive statistics.

Company Money Moversintroduces you with abilities of the system with demo mode before registration.

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